Why do you need a clean aircraft?

A clean aircraft exterior projects a picture of efficiency, safety, and success while promoting confidence in the aircraft and the airline. Aircraft manufacturers recommend that an aircraft should be washed on a 60- to 90-day interval basis.

However, the main advantages of having a clean aircraft concern safety, lower fuel consumption, extended paint life, fewer corrosion issues, and environmental sustainability.

Benefits of a clean aircraft include:

  • Lower fuel consumption – environmental sustainability
  • Extended paint life
  • Fewer corrosion issues
  • Reduced man-hours
  • Improved aircraft availability
  • Fuel savings due to lower aerodynamic drag
  • Reduced usage of water and aircraft cleaning products
  • Improved health and safety environment

Every Nordic Dino airplane cleaning robot is a computerized and self-contained system, purpose-built for washing and cleaning aircraft exteriors. The system consists of a mobile power unit, spray nozzles, and rotating cleaning brushes. A lightweight and wireless remote-control device permits simple and safe one-man operation of the power unit and the cleaning brushes.

Nordic Dino robots meet all of the requirements for washing aircraft exteriors while incorporating safety features designed to prevent accidental personal injury or aircraft damage.