Nordic Dino WB

The Nordic Dino WB aircraft exterior cleaning robot has been specifically designed for use on the wide-body aircraft. With a washing height of 11 meters, this three-armed system can ideally handle cleaning the top of a large aircraft, such as A330 or B777. As the perfect all-around mobile washing solution for wide-body aircraft, the Nordic Dino WB comes with both an electric and diesel option, a 500L main tank, and a 90L spray tank.

Additional dimensions and features include a wheelbase of just over 2.7 meters, a chassis length of 3.8 meters, and a stowed height of 1.7 meters, all combining to a total weight of 5,400Kg.

Nordic Dino XWB

The largest model Dino aircraft washing machine is optimized for cleaning extra wide-bodied aircraft such as the A380, B747 and other large aircraft. It includes a three-arm cleaning system featuring a longer under arm and a shorter top arm to cope with larger wing areas.

With a washing height of 11.3 meters comes with both a diesel (Kubota Diesel Engine 18.5 kW – 24.8 Hp – 2,600 rpm), or an electric option (10 kW Electric Motor VAC 2,500 RPM), 500L main tank, and a 90L spray tank.